Self Employment Guilt

Since starting my self employment journey, I have been constantly plagued by thoughts that I am not working hard enough.

That people are slogging away at their 9-5 jobs every day and I am sitting in my house doing something that I love.

I am always fighting the feeling that I should be doing more.

That I shouldn't be enjoying myself while I am working.

That I should spend 8-10 hours a day miserable, praying for 5pm on Friday.

But the truth is.....

It is totally and completely okay to love your job!

Just because you are having fun while you work, doesn't mean you aren't working hard enough!

Yes, I may be sitting on the couch with my dog, wearing my pyjamas, half watching Louis Theroux documentaries.

But I am also creating designs, answering emails, having consultation calls, meeting with potential clients, creating and scheduling social media content, sending quotes, sending invoices, exporting and sending files, writing blog posts, updating my website, creating downloadable freebies & generally trying to keep myself alive.

So from now on, I am going to be kinder to myself.

I am going to stop feeling like I have to work 12 hour days to prove that I am not lazy. I am going to stop feeling guilty for enjoying myself while I work and most of all, I am going to chill out and revel in the fact that I get to sit in my pyjamas and make money at the same time!


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