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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I had so much fun working on the full branding of Edinburgh based cleaning company Properly Clean, so I thought I would share a quick blog post, detailing the process!

I was approached by the client looking for a Logo Design and Business Cards for their new cleaning business. We decided to go for the Business Starter Pack, as we felt that the business could really benefit from some promotional flyers to get the name out there. Also, as the Business Starter Pack comes in at only £120, the 250 flyers ended up costing only £20, now thats a bargain if you ask me!

When I begin the Logo Design process, I always start by getting to know the client and their business a bit better. I like to find out whether the client has any colour scheme that they would like to stick to, whether there are any design elements that they would like incorporated, and whether they have a particular vibe that they want the logo to give off. In this case, the only criteria was that the clients favourite colour was teal. This allowed me to really get creative and try out a few different things!

I begin the logo design process by creating six ideas for the client to choose from. This is actually my favourite part of the process as it allows me to really be creative and get some cool ideas down on paper. It wasn't my intention to stick with the teal colour scheme throughout each of the six ideas. However, it gave the logos a bright, fun feel, whilst still looking clean and fresh which I felt was perfect for a cleaning company!

Six Logo Design ideas for Properly Clean

The client ended up choosing the first idea, which was actually my favourite too! We decided to add a navy colour in as the shadow, as the clients uniforms are going to be navy. This really helped to make the lettering pop!

Once we had decided on a winner, we moved on to the font options. Usually at this point I would also add in some colour options, but we both thought the teal was working so well that we skipped this step!

Properly Clean Font Options

Once we had tried out a few different font options, the bottom right really stood out as the winner! I love that it is fun, bubbly and not too serious. It also incorporates the sparkle shapes that make it perfect for a cleaning business. Once the decision had been made, I made up the final, high quality version and voila! the Properly Clean logo was born!

We decided to stick with the same colour scheme and bubble elements in the Business Card and Flyer designs, in order to create a cohesive brand identity. These are definitely going to make Properly Clean the talk of the town!

All in all, I am so happy with how everything turned out during this project. I can't thank the client enough for entrusting me with their brand, and for being such a pleasure to work with! I also really enjoyed talking about the design process, so look out for more blog posts in the future!

Abby x


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