How to Supercharge your Business with Pinterest

If you have a business that you market using social media, chances are that you have heard that you should be using Pinterest. There is also a chance that you have been putting it off for one or more of the following reasons;

- You think that it is just full of Brides-to-be and really creative mums making snowflakes out of toilet paper.

- You think that it is a dying platform or that your ideal client doesn't hang out there.

- You don't think that it will do much for your business.

- You don't think you have the time to add yet another social media platform to your to do list.

I am here to tell you that all of these excuses are false. You can utilise Pinterest's crazy traffic driving ability to supercharge your business with very little effort.

Before we get into how to get the best out of Pinterest. Lets have a look at some crazy stats that show just how powerful this platform really is.

Thats right.

If you have a website that you want to drive traffic to, a product that you need people to see or a service that will improve peoples lives. Pinterest is going to change the game for you.

The best thing is, it's actually way simpler than you may think to make it work for you!

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of Pinterest.

Business over Personal


Make sure you are signed up for a business account. This allows you to access analytics which allow you to see who is viewing your profile, who you are reaching and what type of content is most popular - allowing you to tailor everything to your audience!

You can sign up for a new business account here or convert your existing account to a business account in your settings.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords


An amazing way to sky rocket your engagement on Pinterest is to make sure you are using keywords everywhere. All of your pin titles & descriptions and even your 'About Me' section, should be made up of keywords that are relevant to your content and the type of people you are trying to reach.

Here is a quick example using one of my pins.

So, this description is going to be hitting anyone searching for this quote, for digital typography, for motivation, for phone wallpapers, for free stuff ... you get the point!

Make sure you are hitting as many keywords as possible on your profile but, of course, be sure to do this in a natural and helpful way rather than just stuffing as many in as possible.

For more great tips on writing amazing pin descriptions, check out this great article.

Create Pinterest Worth Content


Now, I'm not saying that you have to spend hours upon hours every week creating new, pretty content for you Pinterest page. It is 100% okay to use the same content that you are using on other platforms but keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual platform. Make sure you are curating your content and only posting things that you know are going to translate well to Pinterest

For example, a messy sales post will never get as much attention as a beautiful image of your products so choose your content carefully.

Be Consistent


It is important to be as consistent with Pinterest as you are with every other social media. Rather than posting 20 pins in one day and then abandoning ship, it is much more beneficial to space your posts out over the week. Pinterest recommends that you Pin something at least once per day, during peak times—which they’ve found to be evenings and weekends.

Add Pin Button to your Website


If you want people to take action, you’ve got to make it easy for them to do so. Adding a Pinterest save button to all of your website content allows people to quickly and easily pin your content, without the need to have the Pinterest browser button installed. Just this simple action can can quintuple the amount of content that people save from your site!

Be Social


It is so important to remember that Pinterest is a social media, not just a place for you to promote your stuff and run. If you want people to engage with your Pins, you’ll need to be engaged yourself. Follow boards and accounts that you are interested in and engage with their pins.

Pinning other peoples content to boards such as 'Quotes' and 'Inspiration' is also a great way to keep your page fresh and ensure that it is not purely an advert for your business. If you are going to do this, make sure that you have a board named after your business (it should be the very first board on your page) that you fill with all of your amazing content.

Extra third party content should purely be there to add value to pinners who are visiting your page, not to take away from your content - no pinning anything from your competitors!

So there you have it.

6 easy tips to help you get the best out of Pinterest and supercharge your website traffic.

Be sure to let me know if you give Pinterest a go, I would love to follow you!

Abby x


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