How to Hashtag like a Pro

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

If you are new to the world of Instagram, you may be finding things a bit overwhelming.

Algorithms, stories, highlights, themes, engagement

And thats before you even think about hashtags!

Hashtags really aren't as had to master as you may think, and the benefits of using them are huge!

So what are they?

Hashtags are a great little tool that can get your content in front of people who may never have come across your page naturally!

Basically, people can search for things that they are interested in - for example, #cutedogs - and they will then be able to see every image that has been marked with that hashtag. As you can imagine, this can have huge impact on the engagement on your page - something that is so important with the recent algorithm changes.

Instagram favours accounts with higher engagement and places their posts further up in peoples feeds. So the more engagement you have, the more your followers will see your posts!

So now you know what they are, here are some of my top tips that will have you hashtagging like a pro in no time!

Use it or lose it


Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in every post and I would always advise using them all. If you don't, you are literally throwing away chances for your posts to be seen .... Crazy right?

Hide em Cowboy


Do you hate the look of hashtags cluttering up your well thought out captions?

Me too. So hide em!

Using your hashtags in a comment underneath your post works just as well and keeps your captions clear and simple.

You can even hide your comments from showing up under your post, simply by using this layout in your comment






#graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphicart

Cool right?

Well, sometimes laying comments out like this in Instagram can be a time consuming nightmare. Which leads me on to my next tip!

Thats Noted!


Nice Segway right?

If you have having trouble setting your hashtag comment out as I have show above, simply use the notes app on your phone!

Write out your comment with all of the hashtags that you want to use for your post, copy the text and then paste it into the caption or comments of your Instagram post!

Be Time Savvy


Your time is precious. So don't waste it writing out hashtags every time you post something new.

Instead, take some time to make up different sets of hashtags for different types of posts, and save them in your phone notes, ready to copy and paste when you need them! For example, in my notes you can find different hashtag sets for design posts, lifestyle posts, blog posts and personal posts. All saved and ready to use whenever I need them!

I choose the hashtag set that best matches the type of content I am posting, make some tweaks such as adding in more specific hashtags - #homebaking if I am showcasing a design related to a bakers etc - paste them into my comments and I'm done! Easy right?

With scheduling apps such as Planoly, you can even load your hashtag sets straight into the app and choose which one you would like to add to each post at the touch of a button!

So thats it! Taking just a few hours a month to research the best preforming hashtags in your field and popping them into ready to use categories on your notes on your phone, can allow you to hashtag like a pro and get your posts out there to the masses!

But wait.....

What if I told you that you didn't even have to bother researching which hashtags to use yourself?

That you can get 1000 amazing hashtags in various categories that would get your posts - and therefore your profile - seen by hundreds, if not thousands more people ....


That's right, if you head to the freebie section of my website now, and pop in your email address, your free Hashtag PDF will come winging into your inbox... completely free of charge!

Crazy right? Just don't forget me when you are Instagram famous!

Abby x


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