Get your Business Christmas Ready

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Since it is finally socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas, have you thought about updating your business branding to reflect the season?

Here are some great ideas to show your Christmas spirit!

Festive Logo

This is probably the easiest way that your can jazz up your business for Christmas. This can be as simple as adding some subtle festive elements and colours, or you can go the whole hog and have a festive logo redesign!

This is a great way to show your christmas spirit on your social media pages and website, and can show potential customers that you are a great choice for their festive shopping!


Another quick and easy way to update your business this winter. Use your social media and website banners to showcase your beautiful products and wonderful Christmas offers!

Banners are often the first thing that potential customers will see when they visit your sites. So make them count!

Social Media Posts

Social Media is such an important marketing tool, especially in the run up to Christmas. Ramp up your social media game with some fun festive post templates that you can add offers, images and customer reviews to.

Customer Paperwork

It may not seem like a priority, but adding some festive flair to your customer paperwork, including invoices & quotes can add the finishing touch to your festive branding.

Email Signatures

Again, it may not have crossed your mind, but adding some festive cheer to your email signature can really brighten up your customer correspondences. You can even use it to highlight your festive opening times and closures.

Product PackagingIt may be that you have completely new packaging for your Christmas products, or it may be as simple as creating a festive tag, or some fun stickers to jazz up your postage boxes. Why not really make someones day by adding a cute 'thank you' postcard into each order? You can even add a discount code to these to encourage repeat orders!

Promotional Flyers

A great way to gain exposure for your business over the busy Christmas period, is to get some flyers made up, showcasing your amazing products and offers. These can be sent out with orders or distributed around your local community.

There has been a real turn in the tides recently, with consumers looking to buy from local people, rather than big corporations - so make sure they know who you are!

The best thing is, all of these services can be done by AbbyLou Designs, meaning that you have more time to focus on creating your wonderful products & services!

Pop me a message and we can discuss a festive plan of action for your business.


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