Always Give Value

Ahhh, good old value adding content. My favourite topic!

Giving value to your followers on social media should always be your top priority.

Gone are the days where you could get away with one icky sales post a week and be done with it. Your followers - quite rightly - expect more from you now. ⁣ ⁣ If you are putting minimal effort into your social media, bombarding your followers with sales post and just generally creating crap content, your followers are going to get bored. FAST.⁣

You may have noticed that very very few of my social media posts are ever directly selling you something and guess what?⁣ ⁣ I still get work coming in!⁣ ⁣ How?

Because I am consistently creating and sharing content that shows off who I am, what I do and how well I do it! ⁣ ⁣ People are drawn to your energy rather than your deals and discounts. Show them why they need to work with you and make sure you are the first person they think of when someone asks them for a recommendation. ⁣

So, how do you do this?

80% of your social media posts should be giving value to your followers, with only 20% of posts directly flogging your products/services.

Here are some examples of value adding content that you can adapt to fit your business;

- Share your knowledge of your field by sharing quick hints and tips

- Create quotes that are related to your business

- Shout about your client testimonials

- Share customer generated content to show real people enjoying your product/service

- Show behind the scenes content. People love to see the person behind the brand

- Share quick bio's about your staff to show potential customers who they will be speaking to

- Post some quick videos showing how to get the best out of your product

- Give people things related to your business that they can do at home eg. a recipe if you are a fruit & veg shop or a quick yoga pose if you are a fitness studio

- Have a fun post on a Saturday that your followers can get involved in.

You may be looking at all of the information that I am telling you to give out for free and thinking that I have lost the plot - but trust me.

Every single piece of content that you share contributes to peoples opinion of your brand and builds trust.

If someone truly needs your product or service, giving away a tiny bit of information is not going to take that need away. It will however, ensure that you are the first name that pops into their head when the time comes or if they are ever asked for a recommendation.

Think about it. If there are two accountancy firms that you follow on social media.

One posts a boring piece of sales-y content every 2 weeks.

The other is showing up consistently on your feed and once gave you a great tip to make doing your tax return easier.

Which one is going to pop into your head as soon as you are looking for an accountant?

Yup, I rest my case! Social media is not about the quick sale. It is about playing the long game. Turning strangers into friends before turning them into customers.

So start treating your followers like friends. I promise you will start to see results!

Is all of this sounding a bit overwhelming?

Do you have 100 other things on your to-do list that come before social media?

You really can't afford not to have a kick ass social media presence in 2019.

Thats where I come in! I create kick ass, scroll stopping content that will get your business noticed and stop you from waking up in a cold sweat, panicking about what to post on Instagram.

Check out my Social Media Management Packages HERE and feel free to pop me a message at with any questions you may have. I could honestly talk about social media all day!

Have an amazing day!

Abby x


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