5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

I know what you are thinking.

Abby, why would I pay someone x amount of money each month to schedule my Social Media content when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself?

Well the truth is, social media is a tricky old game and it is very hard to do well. Add that to the fact that you have a million other things to do each day just to keep your business running, and social media is often the first thing to drop off the to-do list.

However, in 2019, it is pretty much essential that you have a strong online presence.

That doesn't mean posting a random quote or sales post once a week. It means showing up consistently for your followers, every single day. Posting gorgeous high quality images & interesting content that is instantly recognizable as being from your brand and taking the time to have genuine engagement with your followers.

If you can relate to any of these points, it may be time to consider giving yourself a break and outsourcing your social media

- You wake up every morning in a cold sweat about what to post that day.

- You find yourself posting for the sake of it, without considering the quality of the content or the value it is giving your followers.

- You struggle to come up with original and engaging content ideas.

- You are unable to create your own high quality content so use recycled content taken from the internet.

- You find it hard to keep a strong sense of brand identity on your social media feeds.

- You have so many other things to do that social media is your last priority.

- You have no social media presence and don't have a clue where to start.

Now, there are so many great social media managers out there who will take the pressure off you by scheduling your content for you. However, where I think Social Media Management really becomes life changing, is when you find someone who will not only post your content, but create it for you too!

So, here are 5 benefits of hiring a Social Media Manager that specialises in content creation;

Less stress, more time


Probably the number one benefit of hiring a social media manager is that they take so much stress off your plate and leave you with extra time to focus on running your business. I offer packages that range from content creation and scheduling, right through to full engagement with followers, outreach and influencer marketing which allows you to choose the amount of support that you need.

Just think of all the amazing things you could do with the time that you spend stressing over content!

Creating killer content is our jam


You may find it a struggle to keep coming up with new, engaging content but that is what social media managers do best!

I can look at someone's account and instantly come up with 10 different types of value added content that they could be incorporating. It is a skill that comes from years of experience & knowing the platforms and audiences inside out. It is our job to create content that remains fresh and engaging in an ever changing world.

Just keeping up with social media trends is a full time job in itself!

We keep your brand identity air tight


I think by now everyone knows that it is so important to have a strong brand identity on social media, but actually executing it well is a whole other ball game. You can definitely attempt this yourself using sites like Canva, but if you want sleek, professional branded content, it is always best to leave it to the professionals.

Every single piece of content that you put out should be instantly recognisable as coming from your brand. This is achieved through colours, fonts, filters, layouts, sizes, photography style & tone of voice just to name a few!

We know the platforms inside out


It is literally our job to know everything about each platform so we are always up to date with new features, algorithm changes, the best times to post etc. It is also our job to know what type of content does best on each platform and to create it accordingly.

This means that you will have the right content going up on the right platform, at the right time, in order to maximise reach and engagement!

We are always there to offer support


Any social media manager worth a grain of salt will be more than happy to help you out with all things social media related. Whether it is writing the perfect bio or tips for taking kick ass photos of your products, we are always just an email away.

After all, our job is to make your life easier!

Still not convinced about the perks of hiring a social media manager?

Just check out these amazing stats that one of my wonderful clients Haud Yer Wheesht achieved after just ONE MONTH of my social media management and content creation service!!

It is amazing what some killer content, consistency and genuine engagement can do!

Want a slice of this success for your own business?

You can find all of my Social Media Management packages HERE

I only have 3 spots left and once they are gone I will be closing applications for this service for the foreseeable future. So if you are considering it, now is the time to act!

If you are unsure about making the leap, pop me an email at create@abbyloudesigns.com for a no obligation chat about what I can do for your business.

I hope you have a wonderful day! Abby x


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