5 Reasons to Brand your Blog!

As a blogger or social media influencer it is SO important to build a personal brand. After all, YOU are the thing that people are buying into.

But, did you know that creating a professional brand for your blog can have these amazing benefits?

Boost your Credibility


Giving your blog some sleek, professional branding, will instantly boost your credibility with you readers. If you look like you have your sh*t together, people will be much more likely to trust your opinions!

Whilst your homemade blog design may be great to get you off the ground, if you really want to get serious about blogging, investing some money into your blog is a great idea!

Brands will love it!


As well as improving credibility with your readers, investing in your branding is also a great way to show brands that you are serious about blogging - making them much more likely to reach out and want to work with you!

Go High End


" Dress for the job you want, not the job you have"

If you want the high end brands to be knocking down the door to work with you, you have to step up your game!

Blogging is such a competitive game, but building a strong personal brand and establishing yourself as an expert in your field is the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd. High end brands are understandably very careful about who they work with, so make sure they are exactly who they are looking for!

Sky Rocket your Conversion


Are you getting good views on your blog, but are having trouble converting these readers to followers & subscribers?

Creating a kick ass brand will mean that readers will not want to miss a single bit of your amazing content. Not to mention that they are going to want to see way more of you on social media. Hello new subscribers and Insta followers!

Get your SEO Sorted!


Did you know that creating a strong, cohesive brand can actually boost your rating on Google?

Thats right, having a great looking blog will not only be appreciated by readers, but also by Google!

The whole purpose of Google is to serve up the best possible search results to meet our needs. They also know that consumers are much more likely to trust a business or blog that is branded. Therefore, they are much more likely to boost your listing above all of your competitors

If this all sounds like something you want to get on board with, check out our amazing Social Package here and get your branding journey started!

Here are some amazing ladies who are totally killing it to give you some inspiration!


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