5 Amazing Design Resources

There are so many graphic design resources out there that it is so easy to waste an entire afternoon scrolling through site after site full of them. Desperately trying to find the best of the bunch at a good price!

Inky Deals is a great site that offers every resource that you could possibly need under one roof! From texture packs to lighting presets, they really do have it all!

The best thing is that they also offer these resource bundles at HUGE discounts - I am talking hundreds of pounds worth of savings - so you get the resources you need without breaking the bank!

So, without further ado. Here are my 5 favourite bundles from Inky Deals that I know you are going to love!

Photoshop Brushes


Photoshop brush presets are a great way to easily add some cool effects to your designs. They are quick and easy to install into Photoshop and can be used to create a huge variety of things including decorative prints, invitations & social media posts. Pretty much anything you fancy!

Watercolour brushes are one of my favourite styles to use. They give your work a really pretty, hand painted effect without needing any actual painting skills (perfect for me!)

This watercolour brush pack is full off amazing shapes, flowers, images and typography for such a great price. Just imagine all of the cute things you could create with these?

Photoshop Overlays

Another amazing tool that allow you to add interest and dimension to your images, are image overlays. These can range from subtle light effects to super dramatic visual effects and can really take your images to the next level!

This set includes 1,000 amazing overlays including these beautiful realistic light effects. The pack also includes some incredible night sky effects that will blow your mind!

This bundle is even bigger! 2500 amazing overlays including fireworks, confetti, bubbles, rainbows, snow & so much more. This pack includes everything you could even need to have some fun with your photography!

Lightroom Presets


If you are looking to add some cool lighting to your images without spending hours upon hours editing, presets are going to become your best friend!

This bundle includes over 1000 Lightroom presets that are perfect for all kinds of photography including portrait, glamour, fashion, travel & fantasy. They are perfect for adding some breathtaking drama to your images.

Flat Lay Bundles


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I LOVE a flat lay. They are such a great way to display your designs. I am literally obsessed.

Setting up gorgeous flat lays is definitely an art. So if like me, you don't have the skills or patience to make your own, flat lay mock up's are a lifesaver!

This bundle is incredible and includes literally every flat lay option that you could possibly need. This is one that I will definitely be purchasing ASAP!

Font Packs


Pretty fonts with full commercial licences are hard to come by, unless you are willing to dedicate hours of your day to scrolling through endless font lists!

Font packs are a complete godsend and this is an amazing one! It includes over 80 fonts which are definitely the prettiest I have seen in a while. This is another pack that is on my wish list!

So there you have it!

Some amazing resources to help you take your designs to the next level without breaking the bank.

Let me know which of these you will be checking out and let me know about any design resources that you can't live without!

* Affiliate links have been used in this post but all opinions are completely my own!


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